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Frequently Asked Questions


Our following recommendations are a guideline to ensure you look perfect for your event. Please contact ASANA Beauty & Body Clininc on 021 436 9529 to discuss your individual needs.

Spray Tanning
Before your airbrush tan, ensure you are moisturising well and gently exfoliating for about 1 week before. Any shaving should be done the day before your tan. Ensure for your tan, you have no product on your skin (moisturiser, deodorant, shaving gel residue). Apply a nail polish to the nails. Bring loose clothes with you for after your tan, to avoid friction of tight clothing. We advise to have your airbrush tan applied 2 days before your event.

If you have been using Retin-A or Roaccutane in the last 6 months, are diabetic, or hypersensitive, please consult with your Asana therapist on booking an appointment. Patch testing is available and advisable.



Spray Tanning
Do not shower for at least 8 hours. After showering, PAT your skin dry and apply a generous layer of moisturiser. Moisturise daily. On the 3rd or 4th day, begin to gently exfoliate once a day, whilst still moisturising.

After your waxing treatment, for the following 24hours, avoid: excessive heat, sunlight, UV treatments, heat treatments, tight clothing, perfumed products, exercise/ swimming, fake tan. Please also do not shower for 24 hours. At Asana, we recommend to allow approximately 5-6 weeks in between your waxing sessions. It is advisable to exfoliate once or twice a week and moisturise daily to prevent ingrown hairs. For those who find this is not enough, we have a range of after wax products to combat these. For facial areas, 3-4 weeks is sufficient time to leave in between sessions.

Do try to leave your skin make up free for several hours after your facial treatment. As always, drink plenty of water and follow the skin care routine your therapist has discussed with you. We recommend to treat your skin to a facial approximately every 6 weeks, and in particular after prolonged exposure to the sun and environmental stresses.

Nail Treatments
After your regular nail polish, please take care for 24hours, as this is when your nails are likely to smudge. After your gel polish, apply cuticle oil once/twice daily.